SCI Mystery Shops

If you are new to mystery shopping please visit our Mystery Shopper FAQs page. You will find valuable information to help you understand mystery shopping in general and become a mystery shopper. Additional mystery shopper information is also available on the many pages of our website.

Whether you are new or an experienced shopper, you should visit and become familiar with the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association) website. The MSPA offers various mystery shopper services including certification (how to be a mystery shopper), job postings and a mystery shop member company list. SCI is a charter member and encourages you to visit the site often for industry updates.

Please select the state or country you are interested in from the list below. If you are going to be traveling, we welcome you to accept shops that would be within your itinerary. If you live near the border of your state, please check the neighboring state as well. If you see a shop that might be of interest to a friend or relative and think they would like to become a mystery shopper, please let them know. We welcome all referrals.

United States: