On-Site Mystery Shopping


On-Site Mystery Shopping

  • Objective, Controlled Data Capture!
  • Detailed and Focused on What Matters to You!
  • Anonymous and Authentic!
  • Perfect for Comparison with Competitors!

Are the parking lot, front end and rest rooms clean and giving good impressions? Are customers being greeted upon entry, and with a genuine smile? Are your policies and procedures being implemented in the manner that you have trained your employees to do so? What does the on-site experience look like from the prospective of an average shopper? Are your sales and customer service protocols being put in place effectively? Is that sales environment being created that you have worked hard to create and trained your employees for? What is the experience like for a customer when you are not there to supervise?

What is Mystery Shopping?

On-site Mystery Shopping is the perfect tool to obtain an honest, objective assessment of the overall operation of each one of your locations.

This methodology incorporates the use of our 200,000+ trained “shoppers” who anonymously enter your locations and follow the observation and interaction guidelines that you compose in consultation with our experienced staff. Posing as ordinary customers, and maintaining anonymity at all times, our shoppers discreetly take note of the variables important to you as the client, and enter the data on-line immediately after collection. After going through a two-step quality control process, the results are then published to our exclusive ShopMAX(R) system and made available to your designated and approved executives.