Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence Tools:
A Must-Have for Champion Companies of the 21st Century!

Consumers have more choices and access to information than ever before, which means your company faces greater competition to garner the sale and to deepen brand loyalty. It is critical, in this battle for the consumer dollar, that you and your management team are also equipped with the data that you need to make the decisions which will enable you to blow past the competition and increase market share, brand loyalty and ultimately optimum revenues.

You need the invaluable benefit of one or more Customer Intelligence tools.

Is your operation customer-friendly from the first point of contact (by phone, by Internet or in person) through the point of sale? Are the operational procedures that you have invested in your employees training being faithfully executed as prescribed? How do customers feel about their experience with your brand, specific locations and employees? And what messages do those customers subsequently distribute via social media and their other interpersonal networks after an experience with your business?

With nearly 40 years experience in the dynamic disciplines of Customer Intelligence, Shoppers’ Critique International has a well established reputation as one of America’s leading providers of these critical business tools, a sample of which includes:

From its corporate headquarters in suburban Orlando, Florida, the Customer Service Capital of the World, Shoppers Critique International will personalize your plan, from a single, high-focus platform to a multi-dimensional examination of your operations and the corresponding impressions on you customers and prospects.

Maintaining a solid and consistent Customer Intelligence program is even more critical in tough times, as consumers become highly selective when it comes to deciding where they are going to allocate the limited disposable dollars that they have. The successful market leaders remain the champions that they are by staying on top of their own best practices and brand standards, and by regularly utilizing Customer Intelligence products which provide indispensable, actionable data, empowering their management teams with critical knowledge, insightful consumer perceptions and other strategic information. It’s like having the answers to a test provided to them!

For almost 40 years now, Shoppers’ Critique International has been providing high-quality, reliable and timely Customer Intelligence to a large number of America’s best brands. Tell us your needs or request a demo, so that we can design a cost-effective, personalized Customer Intelligence plan to provide you the insight you need to increase market share and drive revenues and brand loyalty through the roof!